About Skypro

The Skypro is the most innovative company in developing products that care for aviation professionals. We are trusted by some of the world's leading airline companies.

When we talk about safety on board Cabin Crew Uniforms are not an obvious concern although it is an extremely important issue. Although they have to represent the company image and values, we should never forget that they are a crucial work tool for safety and performance. Flight Attendant uniforms have to be designed to enable crew members to fulfil their responsibilities in an emergency situation and support crews to work fresh, flexible, comfortable and delivering happiness when are wearing proudly the airline uniform.

Prioritize high service level and safety on board is a must to care what crews are wearing. Airline Uniforms change dramatically crew performance and never as before, we can we enjoy textile innovations to have crews working comfortable with an extremely high performance and delivering an active great service on board.

The primary duty of a flight attendant is to help passengers to leave the aircraft in safety during and emergency evacuation. Airline Crew uniforms must be designed and modelling for the function, to enable the users to act in a set of variety situation along each flight, allowing agile and flexible movements, permanent comfort to reduce fatigue, a supportive tool for all important situations For this reason, uniforms must be produced with specific fabrics for aviation professionals.

To provide a solution suitable for airlines around the world, during the last year Skypro has been researching and developing a uniform line that will be revolutionary for airline industry. Skypro project, Uniforms of the Future, get together a selection of high tech fabrics and finishing’s with a design that meets all the airlines requirements while ensuring the absolute comfort and safety for the user.

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