About Rico

Corex S.P.A is specialized in the export and marketing of Italian Canned Tomatoes and Preserved Legumes with a brand name of RICO. All the production of Tomatoes and Canned Legumes is distributed under RICO Brand. The products are worked with special care during all stages of the processing system starting from a careful selection of raw materials, through the work of highly qualified personnel and with by using eco-friendly and cutting-edge machinery that meet the latest environmental standards and safety.

Rico & Jumairah Marketing

When it comes to Peeled tomatoes the RICO from Italy is most famous in KSA as Jumairah Marketing has given its distribution coverage to ensure its availability in all Bindawood, Danube, Al Raya and other Modern Trade. It has been more than five years since its launch and today Jumairah Marketing and Rico’s mutual understanding has brought them to a point where they can go with the other categories of the brand to add value to its Portfolio.