Delsey Profile

DELSEY is a French company which manufactures luggage and travel accessories. It is based in Tremblay-en-France, in the Paris suburbs. Delsey employs 400 staff, and has a turnover of about 130 million euro.


The iconic French brand Delsey has been designing luggage since 1946. For more than 70 years, we have offered our consumers luggage concentrating great quality and bold design.

Delsey invents ingenious luggage to accompany travellers wherever they may go, luggage adapted to all types of travel for professional or personal reasons. Bolstered by its expertise, the brand is at the source of several industry-recognized innovations and it has won many prestigious design awards. Delsey combines style and functionality to create products which reflect the personality of every customer.

Today Delsey is present on 5 continents and in over 110 countries. One piece of Delsey luggage is sold every 7 seconds.

Brand Values

DELSEY possesses that little something special, instantly recognisable, which makes it a globally recognised brand. A markedly human brand to which travellers can relate, it offers them luggage in keeping with their image, made to simplify their lives and to accompany them on their most beautiful journeys.

The DELSEY Difference


For years now Delsey has endeavoured to reduce its impact on the environment. In place in Europe since 2008, the REACH standard aims to monitor and limit the use of chemicals which are harmful to man and the environment in European customer goods. All our products conform to European REACH regulations.

The objective is to limit the use of PVC which contains harmful substances such as phtalates. DELSEY regularly carries out laboratory tests to ensure legal restrictions regarding substances toxic to man and the environment are indeed respected.

All DELSEY suppliers sign a quality charter where they promise to respect legislation regarding chemical substances


An aesthetic that becomes a genuine brand signature

Awards, Design and Innovations


In 1911, the Établissements Delahaye specialised in the manufacture of cases for cameras and covered cases for typewriters and record players. Émile Delahaye and the Seynhaeve brothers joined forces in 1946, combining their names to create the Delsey brand. Delsey made use of its experience in the production of camera and record player cases to form a department specializing in travel items in moulded plastic.

After seven happy decades, the union between DELSEY and Paris is as solid as ever. This results in luggage that is undeniably French, innovative, with a subtle elegant and showing no regard for convention. Reflections of DELSEY design, our collections possess a unique signature, a strong passion for history and architecture, an innate sense of style and proportion... and a typically French charisma! An elegance and a boldness that is "truly French, truly DELSEY".


In early 2015, Delsey unveiled a prototype smart suitcase called Pluggage, containing built-in electronic gadgets which communicate with a smartphone app. Features include a weighing scale, locator beacon, wireless speaker, remote locking, and phone charger.

Delsey & Jumairah Marketing

Jumairah Marketing (a wholly owned subsidiary of Bindawood Group of Companies) is the exclusive distributor of DELSEY in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 2003. DELSEY products are available at all leading Bindawood & Danube stores, in addition to major luggage retail stores and modern traders across the Kingdom. DELSEY stand-alone stores can also be found in major malls of Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam & Khober.


DELSEY has adopted a genuine environmental approach by reducing superfluous packaging, limiting energy consumption and waste thanks to optimised shipping

  • Products are packaged flat, folded or nested.
  • Shipped by boat.
  • We use fewer materials to manufacture our products.

DELSEY creates luggage that is on average 20% lighter and it takes great pride in improving the lifespan of its products