About Al Amira

Al Amira the Lebanese Roasting Company “Diabco” was founded many decades back with a mission to provide best in the category of roasted nuts which it accomplished by introducing its brand name Al Amira nuts.. “Al Amira nuts” has attained a sustainable growth rate since its inception. It currently leads the Lebanese nuts market with a wide range of products and capture a substantial market share. Their clients are operating in some countries of Arab World specially KSA.

Al Amira & Jumairah Marketing

Al Amirah Nuts started its operations in KSA with Jumairah Marketing’s network in May 2011. Since its launched it is very demanded brand among all categories of nuts in Bindawood and Danube stores. Particularly for the Pilgrims of Holy cities nuts are the most satisfying product while Al Amirah gives them quality with satisfaction through Jumairah’s Network.